Serious need. Please help.

Ever wanted to save a life and be someone’s hero? Here’s your chance.

I’m in an extremely difficult situation right now.
Yesterday, I received a word from my landlord. My apartment has suffered extensive water damage, and because of this reason I’m going to have to move out of my apartment in three weeks, and am in dire need of money.
I have a solid plan for my immediate future, but executing it requires financial resources, which I unfortunately don’t have at the moment. I need to raise roughly 400 euros to put my plan in motion, and to survive for the next month-or-so.
To this end, I will be taking commissions and accepting donations for as long as I still have an internet access, and for as long as it’s still possible for me to work - that is to say, the next three weeks.
I am not limited to any particular subject matter, and I’m willing to draw and paint virtually anything. This includes humans, ponies and other non-human characters, environments, anything you can come up with.
I will be adopting a “pay-what-feels-right-to-you”-policy WITHIN REASON, and any amount of money will be greatly appreciated.
Send me a note or an email regarding what type of a commission you want, whether it be a simple monochromatic drawing, coloured lineart, or a digital painting. I’m up for pretty much anything and everything.
Here’s my contact info and PayPal address:

My deviantArt gallery:

Business inquiries:


if you can’t afford to donate or pay for a commission, then the next best thing is to give me a signal boost of some kind… ANY kind.

Thank you in advance for your help!

-Gabriel Haleyi <3


Anyone who helps me out in ANY way, whether it be a commission, donation, or signal boost, *WILL* get a free thank you drawing from me. Just be sure to send me a note or an email about your contribution.